Poznan June 1956 Contest

Írta: Magyar Rádióamatőr Szövetség. Beküldve: Hírek

1956The Poznan 1956 protests, also known as Poznan 1956 uprising or Poznan June (in Polish: Poznański Czerwiec),
were the first of several massive protests of the Polish people against the communist dictatorial government of the
People's Republic of Poland. Demonstrations by workers demanding better conditions began on June 28, 1956,
at Poznan's Cegielski Factories and were met with violent repression. Poznan June had an effect on the Hungarian
Revolution or Uprising of 1956. June 28, the anniversary of those events was established holiday - National Memorial
Day of the Poznan June 1956. On 4 October 2007 opened the Museum Poznan June 1956, in the same building is
headquarters of the Contest Organizer.


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