TESLA HF Contest 2018 - invitation

Írta: Magyar Rádióamatőr Szövetség. Beküldve: Hírek

tesla n5thTesla Memorial HF CW Contest

We invite you to participate in 5th "Tesla Memorial HF CW Contest"
which will be held on March, 10/11 2018. starting at 18:00 UTC and
ending on 06:00 UTC.


General rules are:
Everyone works everyone on 80m (3,5MHz) band only CW.
Points are: distance between stations.

RST + QSO NR + WW QTH Locator (first four elements of grid squere);
Exchange examples: 599 043 JN97, 599 065 MN12.

Multi Op. - Single TX HP
Single Op. HP
Single Op. LP
Single Op. QRP

We have a WEB service software that automatically receives and checks
your log in Cabrillo Format.

Check our website for rules, results, awarding and more details:

With the hope that you will accept this call, we wish you much success
in the contest next weekend and a lot of good QSO's.

Amateur Radio Union of Serbia
Tesla Memorial HF Contest
Contest Committee